The Famous Ukrainian Cuisine

What are typical Ukrainian dishes? Tradition, geographic location, ethnicity or religion defines a typical meal. Ukraine is located in eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia. Ukrainians proudly kept their native traditions, customs, and cuisine. Qualities of Ukrainian food are attained by means of combined ways of treatment and products involved. The availability of ingredients for traditional cooking are often dependent on the season, but some of the best Ukrainian cuisine is actually very simple, easy to make, and very  delicious. This food are well known far away from Ukraine. Find out about the most famous Ukrainian dishes and few recipes to prepare the same.

  • Borshch — Ukrainian beet soup.
  • Holubtsi — Ukrainian cabbage rolls.
  • Varenyky— dough pockets filled with potato.
  • Holushky — rolled triangular dumplings stuffed with mushrooms.
  • Pampushky — fried sweet dough filled with poppy seed or other sweet fillings.
  • Kovbasa — smoked Ukrainian ham sausage.